Turnovers Prove Costly For Jazz


Celtics Crossover Gaming put together an immaculate performance to take down Jazz Gaming 73-55 and move into the quarterfinals of THE TURN.

With PalmOilPlease on the bench for this game, it was fair to wonder whether Speedbrook would be able to fill those shoes for the Celtics. He put all those questions to rest with a standup showing in this game, however. Finishing with 21 points on 7-of-12 shooting, he was just one part of this multifaceted Boston attack that completely shut down the Jazz.

The first half was close enough, as the Celtics took a fairly narrow 33-26 lead into the second half. It was the final half, however, that the Celtics used to really take over. Whether it was MEL EAST protecting the rim with chasedown blocks, Speedbrook pouring in jumpers or oFAB doling out assists in droves, the Celtics were bringing it from all angles and leaving the Jazz with no room to breathe.

For Utah, subpar defense and turnovers ended up being their downfall. Anytime they found a good look and put some points on the board, they were unable to get any stops to speak of, allowing the Celtics to shoot over 60 percent in the game. Even more damaging were the 13 turnovers that allowed the Celtics plenty of chances to pad their lead in the late stages of the game.

Celtics will ride this wave of momentum into the quarterfinals on Saturday where they will face Mavs Gaming.