Tough Losses For Jazz In Doubleheader

Jazz vs. Blazers

A back-and-forth first quarter ended with the teams knotted up at 18, with the Jazz breaking free on an 8-0 run to start the second. Blazer5 (10-1) eventually closed the deficit to just two points by halftime, riding off Dat Boy Shotz’ ability to score from anywhere on the court. He ended the half shooting 7-of-10 for 16 points with a pair of three-pointers. On the other end of the court, Yeah I Compete and MrSlaughter01 were a dynamic exterior-interior scoring combo, scoring 29 out of their team’s 37 first half points.

Blazer5 tightened up their defense against these two players, who soon turned cold on the court and unable to convert their extra chances into buckets. On offense, Portland started getting the whole team involved in scoring, including OneWildWalnut who put up 22 of his 24 points in a fantastic clutch second half performance. His play allowed Blazer5 to take the lead in the fourth quarter, with GRANT MONSTER throwing in a dagger from deep in the game’s final seconds to seal their spot in the playoffs.

Now that Blazer5 Gaming have clinched a postseason bid, their next goal is to claim the number one seed in the playoffs. They will hope to do just that later this afternoon with a game against Kings Guard Gaming, as well as matches against Wizards District Gaming and Pacers Gaming to close out the regular season.

Jazz vs. Pistons

Pistons GT ran away with a 74-64 win over Jazz Gaming to hold onto their spot at the top of the NBA 2K League standings.

While the Pistons (8-3) might have won by double digits, the Jazz (5-7) managed to keep things close until almost the very end of the game. These teams spent the better part of 24 minutes jockeying for position, as neither could really get much breathing room against the other.

After a slow first quarter from both sides, the Pistons were the first ones to get a run going early in the second. The lead may not have lasted long, but the statement it made was loud and clear. The Pistons were hellbent on controlling the pace of the game at every point and never let the Jazz forget it at any moment. Even with the Pistons staking their claim early and often, the Jazz never let things get too far out of control all the way into the final quarter.

Unfortunately for Utah, however, they just couldn’t fully bridge that gap when it came down to crunch time. The Pistons took a 69-64 lead with just over a minute left in the game and the Jazz just couldn’t knock down the shot to keep hope alive. The Pistons, meanwhile, kept chugging along with five more points in that final minute to put the game away for good.

While the Pistons are now sitting pretty near the top of the standings with a solid chance at securing the No. 2 seed heading into the playoffs, the Jazz are on life support heading into the final two weeks of the season. They’ve now lost a whopping five games in a row and with the red-hot Knicks Gaming on the slate in Week 11, things won’t get any easier.