Jazz Fall in First Round of THE TICKET

Despite a career-high scoring output from point guard Yeah I Compete, Jazz Gaming succumbed to an efficient offense from Pistons GT, losing their opening round THE TICKET matchup on Friday by a score of 80-71.

Friday’s defeat leaves Jazz Gaming in a tailspin, having lost each of their last three contests. It’s a troubling affair for Jazz Gaming, who just three weeks prior looked to be one of the best teams in the NBA 2K League. You can’t blame it entirely on the new archetype changes either, as Yeah I Compete took full advantage of the slashing small forward archetype in this contest, registering a career-high 34 points on 16-of-20 shooting. With the nominal point guard moving to the three spot, Jazz Gaming was forced to put another player out of position, with normal big man Deedz earning the “right” to take over at the one. Normally relegated to a spacer at the PF or C spot, Deedz predictably struggled under the newfound pressure, registering just four points, and more importantly, just five assists, on 2-of-5 attempts from the field.

Compare that to a relatively balanced offensive attack from Pistons GT which saw four of the five members score in double figures, and it’s easy to see how Jazz Gaming fell apart. While the usual offensive stalwarts, point guard Im So Far Ahead and center Lets Get it Ramo, held up their end of the barigin combining for 48 points on 21-of-28 from the field, it was a handful of critical three-pointers from JosephTheTruth that really stood out in the contest. Truth, who only averaged 0.6 made three-pointers in seven games this season prior to Friday’s bout, managed to make all four of his triple tries, including two critical attempts in the fourth quarter to stave off a late rally from Utah.
The win means that Pistons GT will take on Bucks Gaming in a quarterfinals matchup on Saturday to determine who will advance in the NBA 2K League’s third tournament of the season.